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Grain fed 1788

120 days grain fed

1788 grain fed beef is world-wide highly prized for its constant superior tenderness and rich flavour.

Grain Fed

Livestock graze on the vast plains for at least 26 months before being taken to so called feedlots. For at least 120 days a carefully balanced diet of mainly grain supplemented with naturel ingredients such as grass and maize will fatten up the livestock.

The results of using Angus in combination with an extended feeding period translates itself into a beautiful piece of marbled beef that will truly gratify the senses of true meat lovers.

Breed: Black Angus
Days on feed :120+
Marbling Score: MB 2+
HGP Free

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Selection of 1788: Grain Fed High Quality Beef

Only Black Angus in combination with an exceptional 200 days feeding cycle, result in a unique cut of meat.

1788 Platinum

Everyone loves a good burger. A real one made from good quality meat. Daring, tasty and juicy!

1788 Hamburgers

Incomparable beef that is marbled with fine strands of fat, ensuring mouth-watering appearance and unique flavour profile.

1788 Wagyu