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Delicious ‘1788’ Angus burgers

Grain fed Hamburgers

Everyone loves a good burger. A real one made from good quality meat. Daring, tasty and juicy!

Real meat burgers

‘Fast casual’ is a clear trend; restaurants closing the gap between traditional and fast food restaurants. Good quality food prepared quickly for their guests with or without personal touches. Bar food and food trucks also rapidly gained popularity. 1788 Grain Fed Angus Burgers meets the needs of these concepts with real meat of good quality.

Your own signature

Burgers remain popular. They are tasty and easy to prepare. Distinquish with the quality of ‘1788’ burgers and put your stamp on its preperation.

The tasty burgers offer enough possibillities to prepare your own version. The traditional burger with lettuce-cheese-tomato is still delicious of course. But try a spicy burger with chillies or jalapeños, a burger served with pulled pork or a surf’ n turf burger with fish. There are endless varieties to anyone’s taste.

Surprise your dinner guests with ‘1788’ burgers

1788 offers a selection of high quality burgers. Trendy with a robust flavour, available in the following quantities:

Angus Burger

  • 2 pieces of 150 grams
  • 12 pieces of 200 grams
  • 24 pieces of 200 grams
  • 24 pieces of 150 grams
  • 10 quarterpounders

Iberico Burger

  • 16 pieces of 150 grams

Lamb Burger

  • 16 pieces of 150 grams

Wagyu Burger

  • 16 pieces of 150 grams

Selection of 1788: Grain Fed High Quality Beef

1788 grain fed beef is world-wide highly prized for its constant superior tenderness and rich flavour.

1788 Beef

Only Black Angus in combination with an exceptional 200 days feeding cycle, result in a unique cut of meat.

1788 Platinum

Incomparable beef that is marbled with fine strands of fat, ensuring mouth-watering appearance and unique flavour profile.

1788 Wagyu