Australian High Quality Grain Fed Beef

1788: The right choice

Under the label ’1788’ we offer Australian grain fed beef of exceptionally high quality for the gastronomy, foodservice and retail market. In order to guarantee a product with a continuously high standard, we try to keep the entire supply chain in our own hands. This leads to our consistency, as it makes us able to deliver the same high quality as last time. Good products sell, and we therefore make sure that there is enough availability for our customers. Because of the unique quality, 1788 offers next to the popular hindquarter also all the forequarter cuts. Everything is available to be purchased as boxed subprimal cuts. The combination of these and other factors creates 1788´s capability to serve our customer’s exact needs.

Take a look at our interactive beef chart to give you an impression about the different meat cuts.

Extending high quality

1788 beef is grouped into several categories, each representing a different quality level. Breeds and duration of the special feeding pattern are primarily the factors that determine the category.

Selection of 1788: Grain Fed High Quality Beef

1788 grain fed beef is world-wide highly prized for its constant superior tenderness and rich flavour.

1788 BEEF

Only Black Angus in combination with an exceptional 200 days feeding cycle, results in the unique taste and tenderness of the meat.


Incomparable beef that is marbled with fine strands of fat, ensuring mouth-watering appearance and unique flavour profile.

1788 WAGYU

Everyone loves a good burger. A real one made from good quality meat. Daring, tasty and juicy!


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